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NEWS: OCW turns 10!

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​10 years ago - at the end of 2012 - imc AG released its MOOC platform OpenCourseWorld, which is based on the company's proven LMS technology. In January 2013, the first two courses on the topics of 'Leadership' and 'Business Process Management' started in cooperation with the University of Saarland, the Technical University of Munich and the University of Hamburg-Harburg, among others. Besides Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer himself, lecturers included Prof. Christoph Igel from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and Prof. Helmut Krcmar from the Center for Digital Technology and Management in Munich. Both MOOCs enjoyed high popularity and reached high participant numbers during their terms.

In total, almost 23,000 learners registered by December 2022 - a MOOC of the ITB Academy, which taught extensive social media skills in the tourism industry, had almost 4,200 participants after its 6-month run. The platform started with perennial favourites such as the two courses mentioned above, time management or occupational health management. In addition, there were further courses on topics such as IT security or compliance as well as numerous knowledge offers on the use of different technologies and tools, such as guides on the development of Windows 8 apps, the creation of e-learning content or the use of Microsoft Office 2016. Since 2014, results of some research projects have also been published on OpenCourseWorld, either directly (GoLabZ, RHAPSODY) or via a link to their own platforms (IBIS, Learn2Analyze).

Within this period, not only has some content become outdated, but the technology has also progressed tremendously. Therefore, OpenCourseWorld will be upgraded to the latest technology during 2023 and only current and relevant courses will move to the new platform.

Your user data will not be transferred and will be deleted after the legal deadlines have expired. The exact date of the changeover is not yet available, but will be announced to you in time here on our homepage https://www.opencourseworld.de. If you are interested, please complete your courses, save your results or delete your account before then. As soon as OpenCourseWorld has moved, you are welcome to register again.

Thank you for your understanding and years of loyalty,
Your OpenCourseWorld Team