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Course description:

Business Process Management (BPM) transforms strategy into execution – at pace with certainty.  It helps to set the focus on the right improvement initiatives and deliver them successfully. However, the current business environment with all its volatility requires more than just occasional process improvements. Next generation enterprises are agile and able to adjust their processes to new client requirements, global competition, new laws and many more changes on an ongoing basis. That’s where a sustainable BPM-Discipline™ becomes a major enabler.

This online course discusses definition and value of the BPM-Discipline™ (BPM-D™). It introduces the main BPM-D™ components based on a patent pending framework and shows how they deliver significant value in practice. Case examples and lessons learned complete the course.


  • Definition and Value of the BPM
  • The BPM-D Framework – The Value Factory
  • Applying key components of the BPM-D Framework
  • Practice Cases and Lessons Learned
  • Peter Franz
    Peter Franz
    Managing Director and Co-CEO
  • Mathias Kirchmer
    Dr. Mathias Kirchmer
    Managing Director and Co-CEO
  • BPM-D