How to Create a Windows 8 App

Design and Development of Windows Store Apps
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In this course you will be instructed step by step in the development of Windows Store apps. The course combines general theoretical knowledge of university lecturers with concrete practical knowledge. It follows an instruction-oriented course curriculum with a high proportion of interaction between the participants and includes programming exercises.

After 8 weeks the participants will be able to develop and publish their own Microsoft Store App.


  • Introduction: Why a Windows Store App?
  • Module 1: Architecture and development environment of Windows Store Apps
  • Module 2: Design Methods
  • Module 3: Design Tools
  • Module 4: App Development
  • Module 5: Cloud Integration
  • Module 6: Integrating Windows 8 Features
  • Module 7: Deploying + Publishing


  • Preferably basic JavaScript programming knowledge
  • Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming
  • HTML5, CSS3 (of advantage)
  • English proficiency (course content partly in English)

This course is only available in German.

  • Patric Boscolo  
    Patric Boscolo
    Technical Evangelist
    Microsoft Deutschland GmbH
  • Martin Haag
    Prof. Dr. Martin Haag
    Lehrstuhlinhaber Fakultät für Informatik
    Hochschule Heilbronn
  • Christoph Igel
    Prof. Dr. Christoph Igel
    Kompetenzzentrum e-Learning
  • Peter Kirchner
    Peter Kirchner
    Technical Evangelist
    Microsoft Deutschland GmbH
  • Dariusz Parys
    Dariusz Parys
    Technical Evangelist
    Microsoft Deutschland GmbH