A to Z: Holistic Time Management

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In this course we introduce time management methods of the latest generation. Use this time management course to achieve your personal goals. 

Participating in the course is free of charge. You can work on and complete it independently. Get started now!

This course is only available in German. 

Course Schedule:

  • Self-organization and time management (Michael Bloss, Michael Mey)
  • Work life-balance (Michael Mey)
  • Biorhythm (Michael Bloss)
  • Recording and analyzing daily working routine (Margret Jung)
  • Changing habits (Michael Mey)
  • Set goals and record experiences with the electronic diary (Margret Jung)
  • Successful planning (Michael Bloss)
  • Setting priorities (Michael Mey)
  • Pareto Principle (Michael Bloss)
  • Delegate (Michael Mey)
  • Forming blocks of tasks (Michael Bloss)
  • Learn to say No (Michael Mey)
  • Best Practice (Michael Bloss, Michael Mey)




  • Michael Bloss      
    Michael Bloss
    Personal & Business Coach
    The Life Artists
  • Michael Mey
    Michael Mey
    Personal Business Coach
    The Life Artists
  • Margret Jung
    Margret Jung
    Mediendidaktikerin und Zeitmanagement-Coach
    imc AG
  • The Life Artists