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What is a MOOC?

A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is a free online course which goes beyond conventional online training and is accessible for anyone. A MOOC is structured in modules which include content such as animated web-based trainings (WBT). In order to unlock the modules, you need to pass the respective diagnostic tests. This helps you to assess your current state of knowledge and will guide you to the content that helps you close possible knowledge gaps.

The courses on this platform focus mainly on the Technical Vocational Education and Training sector in South Africa. Current focus areas are English reading and writing competence, numerical competence, logical and critical thinking, as well as problem solving strategies.

An important feature of MOOCs is the social media aspect. Various channels can be used by the participants to network, discuss the course contents and share future material.

About the platform

This platform is provided by IMC, a company specialized on electronic learning solutions. The courses on this platform have been developed by a project consortium with the mission to improve and give access to online further education and training. It consists, apart from IMC, of two South African companies dedicated to improve access, quality, and effectiveness of education in developing countries, which are ‘Neil Butcher & Associates’ and ‘Stratcona’.

In close collaboration with the Department of Higher Education and Training in South Africa the project consortium aims to increase enrollment, student preparedness and completion rates at TVET colleges.

To remain as flexible and convenient as possible, all our MOOCs are compatible with smartphones and tablets - so you can complete your MOOC at home, during breaks or on-the-go.

We also offer colleges, teachers and others interested in providing quality education the opportunity to offer courses on our platform. For more information on how you can become course partner, please go to our contact page.