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What is a MOOC?

A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is a free online course which goes beyond conventional online training and is accessible for anyone. A MOOC is structured in the same way as lectures or seminars at universities. There is a start and an end date as well as individual course modules which include content such as video lectures, e-learning, game-based-learning, reports, homework and tests. The courses are conveniently self-paced so participants can decide for themselves when to complete the requirements and in which order.

An important feature of MOOCs is the social media aspect. Various channels can be used by the participants to network, discuss the course contents and share future material.

About OpenCourseWorld

IMC’s OpenCourseWorld offers free, flexible online courses as part of its commitment to personal development and education. These MOOCs are particularly geared towards those who for financial or geographical reasons would not normally have access to such training. To remain as flexible and convenient as possible, all our MOOCs are compatible with smartphones and tablets - so you can complete your MOOC at home, at work or on-the-go. There is also an option at the end of each course to purchase a certificate, although there is by no means an obligation to do so. We also offer organisations such as universities, research institutions or public/private companies the opportunity to offer courses in OpenCourseWorld in cooperation with IMC. For more information on how you can be an OpenCourseWorld partner, please go to our contact page.